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Time & Reference Distribution

Foxcom’s Time and Reference Distribution System (TDS) offers an easy way to distribute timing signals from an accurate source, to various facilities using high performance, electrically-safe, fiber-optic media. In satellite applications, GPS 1PPS signals are usually shared to ensure time synchronization of satellite dish tracking, which is crucial when dealing with orbiting satellites. Foxcom’s RF-over-Fiber technology is the ideal solution for minimizing phase noise and jitter when transporting 10MHz and 1PPS signals from a main source to different radar sub-components.

GPS 1PPS, Time Synchronization

Optical Delay Line is implemented for multiple testing purposes, such as diversity sites, radar applications, distance simulation and signal processing. By simulating signal transmissions using our Delay Line, you can enhance the performance between transmitters and receivers. The new Foxcom Optical Delay Line is compatible with the Foxcom Sat-Light/Platinum line.


Foxcom’s new reference signal and time distribution system is the next step toward creating a completely synced satellite facility.