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Foxcom’s Iridium Repeater Solution Successfully Deployed Indoors and Underground Around the World

Foxcom, is pleased to announce that their latest Suricate PRO™ Iridium Repeater Solution has been successfully deployed in multiple indoor and underground facilities around the world. The Suricate PRO™ became the industry’s first and only fiber-based Satphone indoor satellite repeater, following its launch less than 2 years ago.


Foxcom’s Suricate PRO™ posts an antenna with a view to the sky maintaining communications with orbiting satellites overhead. Just as the suricate clan on the ground relies upon their sentinel to maintain vigilant watch and communications, Suricate PRO™ provides Iridium satphone users with constant and reliable communications indoors or underground.


The Suricate PRO™ enables seamless indoor coverage by connecting passive outdoor antennas with indoor repeaters by means of fiber optic cable. The solution comes in a small plug-and-play kit enabling one or several Iridium satphone users to make simultaneous phone calls and send text messages.